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The Muskegon Recreation Club Newsletter
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Vol. 21 Issue 12

Member Alert! There is a $10.00 minimum charge for Credit Cards and a $10.00 Cash Back limit for personal checks. Please use the ATM at the Club or your bank’s ATM for extra cash. The Club has cashback limits and minimum charges associated with check and credit cards. These limits are in place and posted to ensure operating funds for the bar.

The Club was recently inspected by the Fire Dept., Building Inspector, and Health Dept: NO VIOLATIONS FOUND!

​Events:  There will be NO Fish Fry in December.  

Tim Carey started a Pool League on Monday’s. The Club business for those league days has quadrupled. Thank you, Tim.

Steak Dinner, Saturday, December 7th. Lisa is cooking! Menu: charcoal grilled 8 oz top butt steak with mushroom sauté, double stuffed baked potato with sour cream, crisp garden salad with choice of dressings, garlic bread and a fabulous dessert. Tickets are limited and cost $12. To get an exact count, please purchase before December 5th.

The Kids Christmas Party will be Sunday, December 15th. We’ve never done a Sunday party but Santa could not get the reindeer any Saturday in December, so Sunday it is! The reindeer will be there from 12:30 – 2:30PM. Santa will show up at 1:00PM. There is a $5.00 per child donation. We will be gifting Member’s children and grandchildren age 0-10 years. All children from 0–110 are welcome!

Mark your Calendar:


Pool League – Mondays
Lisa B’s Steak Dinner – Saturday, December 7th starting at 5:30PM
Muskegon Rec Club Meeting – Wednesday, December 11TH at 7:00PM
Women’s Auxiliary Meeting Christmas Party & Gift Exchange – Thursday, December 12TH at 6:30PM
Kids Christmas Party – Sunday, December 15th, starting at 12:30PM
January 2020 TATTLER information deadline – Wednesday, December 18th

Heartfelt Thanks: Lee Johnson and family would like to offer thanks to everyone for your thoughts, prayers and support during Karen’s passing. You were all amazingly helpful and we want to offer our heartfelt thanks to each of you. Your acts of kindness in our time of need will not be forgotten.

Special thanks to Dennis “Batman” Deforte’, Paul Johnson, Kelly Swift, Kurt Chester, Jim Wellise, Mike Munroe and all the members for their behind the scenes work (cleaning, prepping the Club for winter, small repairs, and more) that are done without being asked.

Please Help: During the winter, please help with keeping the deck and ramp cleaned off and salted; once isn’t enough during heavy snow. Please respect the Handicap parking area. Walkways and the hill may need some extra salt during snowing or icy conditions. This is not the Bartender’s responsibility. It is up to all of us to help each other and the Club.

The Bartenders are not the “Complaint Department.” If you have complaints or comments, come to a meeting and address the Board to discuss the issue. If you can’t attend the meeting, please address the Board in writing and sign it. Anonymous written complaints will not be addressed.

MRC Member Meeting: Club members will meet on Wednesday, December 11th at 7:00PM.

MRC Board Members: President-Rob Neiser; Vice President-Kelly Swift; Secretary-Lee Johnson; Treasurer-Steve Colligan; Senior Trustee-Jim Wellise; Intermediate Trustee-Todd Franks; Junior Trustee-Kurt Chester; Sergeant at Arms-Pat “Duke” Dutkiewicz.

MRC Auxiliary Member Meeting: The Auxiliary Meeting Christmas Party and $10 Gift Exchange will be Thursday, December 12th starting at 6:30PM.

MRC Auxiliary Board Members: President-Anne Valentine; Vice President-Marley Johnson; Secretary-Barb Wood; Treasurer-Gina Kittle; Sergeant at Arms-Janice Dutkiewicz.

2020 Membership Dues Due January 31st: MRC renewal dues are $45.00. New members must be sponsored and dues are $50.00. Auxiliary member dues are $25.00; new members, $30.00.

MRC Application for Membership: When sponsoring a new member, our Bylaws require the sponsor and applicant to attend the membership meeting so the new applicant can be voted on.

Volunteers: as the oldest private club in Michigan, we rely on our volunteers! Please be reminded that all new members MUST volunteer at the Club on two different occasions within the first 12 months of membership.

Club Decorum: We ask that all members practice discretion while using the Club facilities. Please try to control loud foul language (especially when we are open to the public). We always want to put our best face forward when we have guests. Thank you to all who help to keep the Club clean and safe!

Attention Members: NO ANIMALS are allowed inside the Club (Health Department rules). The only exception is a certified service animal.

Social Media: The Club has an official FB page at!/muskegonrecclub. Please remember to “LIKE” us to keep up to date on events. The website is Please email pictures and event reminders you would like posted to the MRC Facebook page to Mike at

TATTLER: if you change your email, please let us know. PLEASE PRINT your name, phone number, and email address and place in the Tattler box behind the bar or send an email to ( If there are any questions, we will contact you. The deadline for including anything in the January 2020 TATTLER is Wednesday, December 18th

Note: if an event is not included in the Tattler box or on the Club calendar, it will not be included in the Tattler.
MRC Hours: Monday – Friday, 3:00PM to midnight. Saturday - Sunday, noon to close.

Hey, Bartender! DON’T FORGET TO TIP YOUR BARTENDERS. THEY WORK VERY HARD TO MAKE SURE YOU GET SERVED IN A TIMELY MANNER. Absolutely NO ONE is allowed behind the bar except the bartenders or Board members.

Verbally abusing our Bartenders or any other member is unacceptable and against our By-laws. Let’s have fun!

ALL DAY SUNDAY: well and domestic beer is $1.75.

Don’t forget to pre-order your “big buck” burrito from the Club. Deliveries are on Saturday. The cost is $12.

Event Ideas Welcome: Have an idea for an event? For example: dart league or once a month intraclub card game, dinner, or maybe a chicken wing contest? Run it by the Board. These events are good for the Club!

And finally, Kelly’s Corner: I don’t have a “honey do” list; I have a “get it done” list.