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The Muskegon Recreation Club Newsletter
(231) 755-7217
Vol. 20 Issue 5

Events: The Summer Fishing Contest will begin April 1st and end September 30th. Cost to enter is $10.00 and must be paid before you go fishing! Sign-up sheets are at the bar along with the rules for the contest. Sign up and have some fun. Good fishing!

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo!! Elaine Johnston will be hosting her annual Taco Dinner, Saturday, May 5th from 5-7:30PM. The homemade dinner includes 2 tacos, beans & rice, and dessert at a cost of $9.00/ea. We hope you can join us. Volunteers are always needed. Donations would be greatly appreciated.

The Women’s Auxiliary is hosting a Wine and Canvas Painting party on Thursday, May 24th at 6:00PM. The cost is $20.00/per person. Twenty participants are needed to make this even successful. See Julie Jurkas for tickets.

Tickets are on sale at the Club for the 6th Annual JAM POT, Saturday, May 26th. BUY NOW! This is a sell out!
The MRC Memorial Day party is being held on Monday, May 28th. The parade starts at 10:00. Our chargrilled hot dogs and burgers will be available.

Kayak Raffle: Kelly Swift is selling raffle tickets for two separate raffles to win a 10’ kayak. One will be raffled in April and one in May. See your bartender or Kelly for tickets selling at $10.00/ea. This is for the good of the Club!

Thursday Dinner: If you would like to host a Thursday night dinner, please contact Julie Jurkas at 231-578-0619. We would greatly appreciate it.

Special Thanks: A BIG THANK YOU to Elizabeth Colligan, Steve Colligan, Elaine Johnston, Alex Santiago, Sharon Calvier, Tonya Sughard, and Lisa Biggs for the Club Spring Cleanup. Thanks also to Roger Lindstrom for fixing the door. Special thanks to the Women’s Auxiliary for donating a new high chair and booster seat for the Club’s use.

Save the Date: Volunteers needed for the Annual Pub Pedal held on Saturday, June 2nd. Details available at the bar.

FORE! Mark your calendars for the annual Doug Younkers Golf Tournament Saturday, June 23rd. There will be a 2:00PM shotgun start at Chase Hamond Golf Course with a steak dinner following at the Recreation Club.

Volunteers needed to help serve breakfast during Bike Time from 8:00AM to 1:00PM, Saturday, July 21st. Breakfast will be served starting at 10:00AM.

Summer Fishing Contest – April 1st to September 30th
Cinco de Mayo Taco Dinner – Saturday, May 5th, 5:00-7:30PM
Muskegon Rec Club Meeting – Wednesday, May 9th at 7:00PM
Women’s Auxiliary Meeting – Thursday, May 10th at 6:30PM
Women’s Auxiliary Wine & Canvas Painting Party – Thursday, May 24th at 6:00PM
June TATTLER information deadline – Wednesday, May 23rd
6th Annual JAM POT – Saturday, May 26th, dinner from 6:00-8:00PM
Memorial Day Celebration – Monday, May 28th starting at 10:00AM

Lost and Found: We will be cleaning out the lost and found box. Please check for personal items before we donate or sell.
MRC Member Meeting: Club members will meet on Wednesday, May 9th at 7:00PM. If any member in good standing (for one calendar year) is interested in becoming Secretary, please see one of the Board Members.

MRC Auxiliary Member Meeting: The Auxiliary meeting will be Thursday, May 10th starting at 6:30PM. The Auxiliary welcomed three new members: Angie Bisson, Marlene Errgang and Karan Carlson.

Club Decorum: We ask that all members practice discretion while using the Club facilities. Please make an effort to control loud foul language (especially when we are open to the public). We always want to put our best face forward when we have guests. The “Penalty Jar” is located at the Bar!

Volunteers: as the oldest private club in Michigan, we rely on our volunteers! Please be reminded that all new members MUST volunteer at the Club on two different occasions within the first 12 months of membership. We always need work done. Let’s show our support by volunteering! Men or women, if you volunteer, please add your name to the list on the Information Board by the front door.

Attention Members: NO ANIMALS are allowed in the Club (Health Department rules). The only exception is a certified service animal.

Absolutely NO ONE is allowed behind the bar except the bartenders (and Board members when necessary).
MRC Board Members: President-Rob Neiser; Vice President-Kelly Swift; Treasurer-Jeff Johnston; Secretary-Position is Open; Junior Trustee-Lee Johnson; Sergeant at Arms-Pat Dutkiewiez.

MRC Application for Membership: When sponsoring a new member, our bylaws require the sponsor and applicant to attend the membership meeting so the new applicant can be voted on.

MRC Auxiliary Board Members: President-Julie Jurkas; Vice President-Elaine Johnston; Secretary-Kimmy Addison; Treasurer-Gina Kittle; Sergeant at Arms-Janice Dutkiewicz; Social Director-Deborah Loyselle.

Social Media: The Club has an official FB page at www.facebook.com/#!/muskegonrecclub. Please remember to “LIKE” us to keep up to date on events. The website is www.muskegonrecclub.org. Please email pictures and event reminders you would like posted to the MRC Facebook page to Mike at msdubault@gmail.com.

TATTLER: if you change your email, please let us know. You can print information on a sheet of paper and place in the Tattler box behind the bar. Whether you send an email (tattler@imc-products.com) or use the Tattler box behind the bar. PLEASE PRINT and include your name, phone number, and email address. In that way, if there are any questions, you can be contacted. The deadline for including anything in the June TATTLER is Wednesday, May 23rd .

MRC Membership: membership renewal is $50.00.
MRC Auxiliary Membership: Auxiliary member dues are $30.00.

MRC Hours: Monday – Friday, 3:00PM to midnight. Saturday - Sunday, noon to close.

Hey, Bartender! Don’t forget to tip your bartenders. We are asking all Club members to pick-up and discard their beer bottles and cans and the trash from any food they eat or are served. It’s YOUR CLUB! Please help keep it clean!

Thursday drinks have been raised to $1.50.

And finally, Kelly’s Corner: “The opposite sex likes people who shower.”

May 2018



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