The Muskegon Recreation Club Newsletter
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Vol. 22 Issue 9

Masks are Required: If you are not seated or in your “spot,” please don’t walk past others without a mask.
Social Distancing: Do your best to keep space between you and others (6 ft). Use the outside seating areas as much as possible. We have plenty of seating at tables inside the club. Please Mask-up!

Know Your Normal: Do you have a fever of 100.4 or higher, cough and/or shortness of breath, not related to another known Illness such as laryngitis, allergies or smoking? If you don’t feel well, please do not come to the Club. We need to protect everyone, including you. The Club is limited to a 50% capacity, which for our Club is 47 people. Let’s do our part to get that lifted.

Mark your Calendar:
The Intolerables Band will be performing from 6-10PM, Saturday, September 12th.
A 2nd Cornhole Tournament is currently scheduled for Saturday, September 26th. Check-in at 12:30PM.
$10 per person. Food will be available for sale. Check the Facebook page for the most current status.

Thank you: Tim Carey for hosting a get together and his donation for the “good of the Club.”

Thanks again Garry Ferris and Matt Stout for continuing to mow the lawn and hill. Feel free to let us know if you want to take a turn at this. Just jump in and give these guys a break.

Upcoming Events: To be determined.

Muskegon Rec Club Meeting – Wednesday, September 9th at 6:00PM
Women’s Auxiliary Meeting – Thursday, September 10th at 6:30PM
Intolerables Band – Saturday, September 12th, 6:00-10:00PM
Cornhole Tournament – Saturday, September 26th signup at 12:30PM
October 2020 TATTLER information deadline – Friday, September 18th (to

MRC Board Members: President-Rob Neiser; Vice President-Kelly Swift; Secretary-Dave Weaver; Treasurer-Steve Colligan; Senior Trustee-Todd Franks; Intermediate Trustee-Kurt Chester; Junior Trustee-Mike Munroe; Sergeant at Arms-Pat “Duke” Dutkiewicz.

MRC Member Meeting: The Member Meeting will be Wednesday, September 9th at 6:00PM.

MRC Auxiliary Member Meeting: The Auxiliary Board Meeting will be Thursday, September 10th at 6:30PM.

MRC Auxiliary Board Members: President-Anne Valentine; Vice President-Marley Johnson; Secretary-Barb Wood; Treasurer-Gina Kittle; Social Secretary-Debra Loyselle; Sergeant at Arms-Janice Dutkiewicz.

New MRC Auxiliary Member: Cathy Drake

Membership Alert
We have previous members who did not renew their memberships but continue to come to the Club
occasionally. Bartenders have been instructed to ask for your membership cards. Do not get mad at the
Bartenders for doing their job. It’s to protect our Club. If you bring a guest, they MUST be signed in.
MRC Application for Membership: When sponsoring a new member, our Bylaws require the sponsor and
applicant to attend the membership meeting so the new applicant can be voted on.

Volunteers: as the oldest private club in Michigan, we rely on our volunteers! Please be reminded that all
new members MUST volunteer at the Club on two different occasions within the first 12 months of

Social Media: The Club has an official FB page at!/muskegonrecclub. Please
remember to “LIKE” us to keep up to date on events. The website is 

TATTLER: if you change your email, please let us know. PLEASE PRINT your name, phone number,
and email address and send an email to ( If there are any questions, we will
contact you. The deadline for including anything in the October 2020 TATTLER is Friday, September 18th via

Until further notice, kindly email anything you want to add to the upcoming Tattler. If you can’t email,
feel free to use the IM feature on Facebook. We will not be picking anything up from the Tattler box.
MRC Hours: Monday-Wednesday, 3:00PM to midnight. New: Thursday-Friday, 2:00PM to midnight.
Saturday-Sunday, noon to close.

Please Note: The Club is hiring! We need a couple of part-time bartenders.

Bartenders are not allowed to consume alcohol while working. If you want to buy them a drink, here’s your
chance to leave a bigger tip instead.

And finally, Kelly’s Corner: I wonder if there are any times on the clock that I have never seen.



September 2020


Muskegon Recreation Club


Muskegon Recreation Club