September 2018



Muskegon Recreation Club



The Muskegon Recreation Club Newsletter
(231) 755-7217
Vol. 20 Issue 9

Events: The Fish Fry’s will start on Friday, September 14th weekly until Thanksgiving. “Take Out” dinners start at 4:00PM. Please use the sign-up sheet on the board at the Club if you can volunteer to help. We are always in need of baked goods to sell.

Jack and Jill Pool Tournament, Thursday, September 20th. Check the Club for details.

The Summer Fishing Contest began April 1st and ends September 30th. Registration is closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of the winners.

Thursday Dinner: If you would like to host a Thursday night dinner, please contact Julie Jurkas at 231-578-0619. We would greatly appreciate it.

Special Thanks: to Blade for trimming back the limbs along the fence line.
  Thanks also to Red, Wally and his crew for getting rid of the brush.

Thank you, Lisa, for painting the Parking block.

You will be pleased to know that Jukebox music can now be heard on the Deck.

Summer Fishing Contest – April 1st to September 30th
Muskegon Rec Club Meeting – Wednesday, September 12th at 7:00PM
Women’s Auxiliary Meeting – Thursday, September 13th at 6:30PM
Jack and Jill Pool Tournament – Thursday, September 20th
October TATTLER information deadline – Wednesday, September 26th

Club Decorum: We ask that all members practice discretion while using the Club facilities. Please try to control loud foul language (especially when we are open to the public). We always want to put our best face forward when we have guests. The “Penalty Jar” is located at the Bar! It’s $ONE BUCK. You know who you are!!!

Volunteers: as the oldest private club in Michigan, we rely on our volunteers! Please be reminded that all new members MUST volunteer at the Club on two different occasions within the first 12 months of membership. We always need work done. Please see the Third Page for suggestions. Let’s show our support by volunteering! Men or women, if you volunteer, please add your name to the list on the Information Board by the front door.

Attention Members: NO ANIMALS are allowed inside the Club (Health Department rules). The only exception is a certified service animal.

MRC Board Members: President-Rob Neiser; Vice President-Kelly Swift; Treasurer-Jeff Johnston; Secretary-Lee Johnson; Junior Trustee-Todd Franks; Sergeant at Arms-Pat Dutkiewiez.

MRC Application for Membership: When sponsoring a new member, our bylaws require the sponsor and applicant to attend the membership meeting so the new applicant can be voted on.

MRC Auxiliary Board Members: President-Julie Jurkas; Vice President-Elaine Johnston; Secretary-Kimmy Addison; Treasurer-Gina Kittle; Sergeant at Arms-Janice Dutkiewicz; Social Director-Deborah Loyselle.

Social Media: The Club has an official FB page at!/muskegonrecclub. Please remember to “LIKE” us to keep up to date on events. The website is Please email pictures and event reminders you would like posted to the MRC Facebook page to Mike at

TATTLER: if you change your email, please let us know. You can print information on a sheet of paper and place in the Tattler box behind the bar. Whether you send an email ( or use the Tattler box behind the bar. PLEASE PRINT and include your name, phone number, and email address. In that way, if there are any questions, you can be contacted. The deadline for including anything in the October TATTLER is Wednesday, September 26th.

MRC Membership: membership renewal is $45.00. New members: $25.00, which has been prorated for the remainder of 2018.
MRC Auxiliary Membership: Auxiliary member dues are $30.00.

MRC Hours: Monday – Friday, 3:00PM to midnight. Saturday - Sunday, noon to close.

Hey, Bartender! Don’t forget to tip your bartenders. We are asking all Club members to pick-up and discard their beer bottles and cans and the trash from any food they eat or are served. It’s YOUR CLUB! Please help keep it clean!
Absolutely NO ONE is allowed behind the bar except the bartenders (and Board members when necessary).

Thursday drinks have been raised to $1.50.

And finally, Kelly’s Corner: don’t burn bridges. You’ll be surprised how many times you may have to cross them again.



Muskegon Recreation Club