Muskegon Recreation Club

Rec Club Officers

President:                            Rob Neiser

Vice President:                   Kelly Swift

Treasurer:                            Steve Colligan

Secretary:                             Dave Weaver

Senior Trustee:                   Todd Franks

Intermediate Trustee:      Kurt Chester

Junior Trustee:                    Mike Munro

Sergeant at Arms:              Pat Dutkiewiez

Welcome to the Muskegon Recreation Club Website.  Our goal here is to provide Rec Club members with News , Information and Upcoming Events. 

​Auxillary Membership meeting is on the 2nd Thursday of the Month at 6:30 PM​

Membership meeting is on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 PM

Muskegon Recreation Club

There are many activities planned for this year.  Come down and support the Club.  By-laws require that new members volunteer for 2 club functions during their first year of membership.  Don't delay - it's a good way to get to meet the other members and it's fun too.  See you there.

Rec Club Auxillary Officers

President:                             Anne Valentine

Vice President:                    Marley Johnson

Treasurer:                             Gina Kittle

Secretary:                              Barb Wood

Sergeant at Arms:               Janice Dutkiewicz

Social Director:                    Deborah Loyselle

MRC Application for Membership:

When sponsoring a new member, our by-laws require the sponsor and applicant to attend the membership meeting so the new applicant can be voted on. If it’s impossible for the applicant to attend, the sponsor attending may ask that the rule for the applicant’s attendance be waived. The member that does not attend the meeting cannot vote a new member in solely because they filled out an application and paid dues. The vote is tabled until the next month’s meeting. It is the Sponsor’s responsibility to follow through on their applicants.

This is increasingly becoming more of an issue and is a time waster at the meetings. It is a disservice to anyone wanting to become a member. Please attend your membership meetings so that you an exercise your right to vote and express your opinions and ideas. It’s your Club. It’s also time to renew your 2020 membership.