Muskegon Recreation Club


Muskegon Recreation Club

We are compiling a list of past Club and Auxiliary Presidents for a historical Club permanent display.

These are the names we have collected so far. We would appreciate your help in adding any names that might be missing.

Please send the names to or use the Contact Us page on this website.

MRC Past Auxiliary Presidents

Ann Meyers

Myrtle Johnson

Ida Swanson

Katherine Weigert

Beth Plunkett

Sue Richardson

Kathryn Steans

Marguerite Arthur

Rose Henley

Elizabeth Colligan

Julie Jurkas

Anne Vella


MRC Past Presidents

Charles Johnson

Paul Bauknecht

George Conklin

Harry Borgeson

Fred Webber

John Hartman

Arthur Bergeon

Fred Grimes

Henry Raymond

Leslie Beaulieu

Robert Knickerbocker

James Finch

Claude Gunn

William Reuter

Albert Moesker

Art Haase

Al Mosker

Roy Yaros

Wayne Daurey

Art Backstrom

Bob Neiser

Gus Arthur

Ed Murry

Rog Wade

Terry Caughey

Hal Maertz

Bruce Bosma

Larry Dikeman

Kenny McLain

Dick George

Tony Leitgeb

Ed Smith

Claire Walters

Al Fongers

Bob Swanson, Sr.

Charles Johnson (Mayor of Muskegon)

Henry Ray Mono

Jack Reelman

Vince Staffney

Bob George

Dave Weaver

Rick Van Dam

Dan Johnson

Rob Neiser