Muskegon Recreation Club


Muskegon Recreation Club

Membership meeting is on the 2nd Wednesday of the Month at 7:00 PM

Bylaws require that any guests must be signed in by members.

Club Hours

Monday to Wednesday - 3:00pm to midnight
Thurs-Friday -  2pm to CLOSE
Saturday - Noon to CLOSE
Sunday - Noon to CLOSE

About the Muskegon Rec Club

The Muskegon Recreation Club is the oldest social club in this area, having been established in August 1902. It was founded by a small group of sportsmen who were interested in the preservation of fish and wildlife.

Today, the club’s membership includes men from all walks of life, encompassing a diverse range of interest not necessarily centered on conservation. However, the intent of the original founders deserves recognition and their statement of beliefs is set forth herewith:

“Recognizing the right of property owners, we condemn all of discourtesy or vandalism, and any unsportsmanlike conduct that might create prejudice against hunters and fishermen.”

“We invite to membership all those men (1) who enjoy the sport of shooting and angling, (2) who would increase the opportunities for those sports by increasing and preserving the supply of game birds, animals and fish and, (3) who would preserve and protect our forests, lakes and streams. To this end we devote our sincere efforts.”